Wednesday, April 4, 2007


To immerse children who are deaf or hard of hearing in a language-rich environment that promotes listening skills, spoken language, problem solving and social interaction that will enable them to function effectively in society while supporting their families who share those goals.


Radiant Oral School for the Hearing Impaired was established in 2000 by the members of Humanity Trust and a group of parents who wanted their deaf children to learn how to speak without the use of sign language. After searching Calicut unsuccessfully for a suitable program, It was clear these pioneers would have to create a school to achieve their objective.

Roshi opened its doors to 10 profoundly deaf students. During that first year, it became evident to the staff that, by utilizing innovative techniques and maintaining an optimistic outlook, they could teach children to hear sentences and sounds and answer questions about experiences using spoken language to communicate.

With the ultimate goal of mainstreaming children with hearing loss into regular education classrooms, the staff developed learning sequences for auditory, cognitive and speech skills and an educational program based on real life experiences and meaningful language. These remain in place today and have been supplemented by goals for academic skills, along with age-appropriate behavioral and social interaction skills.

Our Aim

Radiant Oral School provides an environment where children learn to rely on their abilities, not their disabilities. We achieve this by uniting home and school, working together towards a common goal... a successful and happy child.

We believe the world of children with hearing impairment should be filled with sights and sounds. We know hearing impaired children can learn to listen and talk using their residual hearing, amplified by hearing aids and/or cochlear implant. We see these changes/progression happen on a daily basis.

Founded on love, dreams and maintained by a deeply committed staff and caring parents, Radiant School is dedicated to the belief that hearing impaired children can learn to listen, talk and achieve by participating fully in the hearing world around them.

Student Objectives

. To communicate verbally in a hearing world;
· To obtain the skills to understand and organize the abilities necessary to function competently in a mainstream educational setting as well as in the workplace;
· To be prepared to make a positive contribution to society;
· To be a positive role model for people with hearing impairments or other disabilities in order to demonstrate that limitations can be overcome;
· To motivate others to reach their full potential as independent individuals who are able to lead productive lives and find fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations.

Professional Objectives

. Develop the cognitive abilities of children with hearing impairments so that they can understand information, analyze problems and generate solutions in their educational careers and everyday lives.
· Develop the language, speech and listening skills of children with hearing impairments to facilitate conversation, writing and academics.
· Prepare children with hearing impairments for mainstreaming to begin their transition into more challenging academic environments.
· Build upon and refine social skills to enable children with hearing impairments to utilize the above with changing and expanding social groups.
· Support the role of the parents and extended family in the education and socialization of children with hearing impairments so that the family will be a lifelong source of mutual support.
· Implement new technologies in the field of deaf education, devise new strategies for the classroom and provide professional development for educators.
· Expand and develop methods and curricula.
· Inform the public of the efforts expended and results achieved in the education of children with hearing impairments.
· Cooperate with the medical and educational community to mutually advance the remediation and habilitation of children with hearing impairments.

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